Innovating for Today and the Future

At Innobo Labs, our aim is a world with better operation in every industry for better lives and more resources for everyone. We innovate for today and future; businesses with behaviour, behaviour that is formed by its own operations. Factories and stations; living organisms that can become intelligent day by day, year by year. We innovate for organizations to gather experience, and have the ability to respond faster than a finger slap; tell themselves how to take actions, teach themselves with their own wisdom.

We are working to shape industries and grow economies, together with our customers and partners that are governments and global corporations.

Leadership Team

CEO, Jon C. Bozdogan is an accomplished AI expert, with deep experience helping Fortune 100 companies implement software solutions. He built up SaaS system modules for General Electric and Tyson Foods that transacts big data from manufacturing-production fields to all levels of engineering teams and management, across different platforms connecting more than 50 factories in different locations in the US. An AI review judge and author, he has contributed to top journals and symposiums in US, Canada, Belgium, Japan, China, India, UAE. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Dalhousie University.

CTO, Yasemin Gokcen is a technology visionary with 10+ years experience implementing and managing software solutions. As a former IBMer, she helped North America’s biggest financial institutions and corporations such as RBC, JP Morgan Chase, Bell, Air Canada to build up systems that have millions of daily transactions. Yasemin received best paper award for her CyberCrime R&D project in San Jose, California. As a certified Engineer from The Canadian Software Quality Assurance Board, she received IBM Innovation and Delivery Excellence Award with her team, as Canada Sector Winner. Yasemin earned her Master of Computer Science from Dalhousie University.